Saturday, December 15

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The roof, 15:00


We got up late this morning. I went for short walk, and then we had breakfast. It had snowed overnight so there was work to do outdoors. We had discussed whether or not the roof would need clearing before we go to India and I decided that it probably did.

I spent an hour clearing the yard and a further hour on the roof clearing the snow off the two sides that face the wind. Now I have almost finished and still not slid off. Once I get down to ground-level again, I will have to clear all the snow that is now on the ground. This will take a further two hours, after which I will go indoors, sit down and read.

Irma will finish packing Naa’s suitcase for India and wrap the remaining presents for friends here and in Kerala. When I try to get up an hour later it will be almost impossible. My shoulders, back and thighs will all conspire against me, so I will have a shower and crawl to bed early.