Sunday, December 16

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Sundö, 9:45


We got up at 6:45, got dressed and left for Sundö. We ate breakfast at Tirmo waiting for the 8:30 ferry to arrive. Now we are on the island and I am looking at the bay. The sea is still running freely but the way here, and the small bay at Tirmo, are already iced over.

I will spend from 10:00 to 14:00 being Santa Claus for the children who arrive when their parents come to buy Christmas trees. I will take my costume off twice to refuel with makkara and joulutahti, washed down with glöggi.

After the fun is over, we will stay for soup made with deer that Juhan hunted in autumn, and then leave on the 15:15 ferry. It had snowed from time to time while I was being Santa, but now it will start snowing really heavily.

When we get home I will spend an hour clearing the paths and driveway. It will hurt less than yesterday.