Monday, December 17

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Outside Arcada, 8:55


Auo and I faced a blizzard on our way to the bus stop this morning. We are looking forward to Friday.

I am outside Arcada about to take some photos of the snow when someone shouts that it is not that interesting. Lo and behold, it is Jutta arriving through the white blanket.

I will spend the morning writing mails, and dealing with a sudden syncing problem between Outlook and Pocket Informant Online which seems to strip the dates off the tasks in my task-list. Eventually, I will figure out a temporary solution that involves adding a start date to each item.

At 11:30 we will walk to Prakticum for a Christmas lunch. I will have prawn soup, husets korv, and creme brulee. WE will arrive back at 13:30. While I am there Irma will phone to say that she has spoken to Hari in Kerala, and he is going to meet Luke at the airport later today.