Tuesday, December 18

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Arcada, 13:50


Minna, Jonni, Auo and I struggles through knee-deep snow at the bus-stop this morning. It had been snowing hard all night and was still snowing. All yesterday’s cleared yard had disappeared again.

I spent the morning at the final session of the Advanced Web Apps course, with people finishing, or trying to finish, their sites. Nobody who was there failed completely, because everyone had something to show at the end. At the last minute Michaela abandoned the jQuery accordion-style menus that never worked in favour of trying to make them from scratch in css using a magnificent demo from Codrops.

Now I am eating a banana and looking out of the window. There are occasional splashes of color in the predominantly monochrome scene outside.

I will spend the afternoon in the final session of the Mobile Apps course, with people finishing, or trying to finish, their webapps. Nobody there will fail completely, because everyone will have at least something to show at the end. Some people will promise to finish their apps over Christmas.

In the evening, I will accept that I simply will not have time to finish the second part of my thesis and get on with making sure that I will have everything I need with me in India. Irma will cheer me up by phoning from the Apple store to say that the Apple wireless keyboard is very light and not expensive. It will fit in hand luggage.

Now I will be able to work in Kerala the same way that I worked in Sundö in the summer. Things are looking up.