Wednesday, December 19

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Arabiankeskus, 11:35


Auo is going to spend all day rehearsing the class contribution to the school show and then, this evening, she is going to perform it twice. She plays the part of a snowman in a Christmas version of Gangnam Style. As a result we left an hour later than usual and she had a packed lunch, because the rehearsals will take place in the senior school.

I got to work to find that my overnight backup schedule had actually worked and everything on my external hard disk was now backed up onto my second external hard disk: all 400GB of it. I set up SyncToy and started planning course content for the next period.

At 11:20 I left for the library at Arabianranta to return some books and cds. Now I am outside looking at a bike. Someone is still cycling, and their cycle is gathering snow while they are inside somewhere doing whatever they are doing.

This afternoon I will prepare for a meeting tomorrow and write Ida-Maija and Tony a briefing note. Then I will race home to sweep away the snow I didn’t sweep away last night.

We will spend the evening watching a Gangnam Style snowman in action.