Friday, December 21

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Helsinki-Vantaa airport, 0:00


Auo and I left for her school at 8:15 and got there at 8:45. At 9:00 the class marched to the church 200 meters away and at 9:00 they marched back. Dan gave out the report cards and school was over.

We went to Arcada where I graded projects and awarded credits while Auo sat with Facebook, until it was lunch time. Afterwards we continued until Irma phoned to say it was time to come home.

I cleared today’s snow, the girls did some cleaning, and Irma finished her last bit of work. At 16:30 a taxi arrived and we left for the airport. At the check-in desk Irma managed to get Naa and I upgraded to business class.

Now we are on our way to the lounge, and we are passing the first (and so far only) Starbucks in Finland.

Our flight will be delayed for almost ninety minutes, but we won’t mind at all.