Wednesday, January 16

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Sörnäinen, 10:00


Auo starts school at 10:00 all this week, and I agreed to go with her today and Friday. I got up at 8:00 and went out to clear the snow for an hour. It was still falling, although very gently, so I expect to do some more this evening.

Now I am waiting for the tram. This feels comfortably cold. I could be happy with a winter that didn’t get much worse than this.

When I get to Arcada I will spend forty minutes skyping with Jutta, and some interesting dots will be joined during the conversation. I will decide to make the first year students watch Jane McGonigal’s TED talk in a few weeks time, as a way of boosting the online element of the course I share with Thomas.

After an hour of general administration, which mostly involving moving files from one place to another, I will meet the six students from Dublin. We discussed their plans. They all need a ten credit personal study plan. I will suggest that we meet in two or three weeks time to hammer out the details. They will all promise to email me with their details so that I can enroll them on my courses, since ASTA seems not to let them do it themselves.

After this I will try to carry on editing and reshaping the writing from Kerala, although the interruptions will be fairly continuous. In the end I will reschedule this for tomorrow and begin experimenting with turning the Marinetta ebooks into .cbr comics. Its a nice idea but I will leave work very unconvinced about its practicality.

At 18:00 we will go to Prisma and get a mokkola for Mummi and most of Friday’s shopping. Finaly, as predicted, I will spend an hour clearing away today’s snow.