Quaker Porridge – savoury style

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POSTED: January 3, 2013

India is a wonderful place to shop, and not just for silks and toutist trinkets. Grocery stores are a treasure trove of interesting finds. For one thing, there are a number of brands alive and thriving here that I remember from my childhood in Merseyside and which have all but disappeared from view in Britain. Horlicks is still a popular drink, and so is Bournvita. You can still buy Camp “coffee”, which is actually a coffee-flavoured chicory drink.

People still use Dettol, in a bottle I recognise from my days at primary school, and so on.

Three packets of savoury oats

However, you can also find interesting local variants on well-known products. Kelloggs Cornflakes, for example, come in variety of flavours, including banana, mango and strawberry – and they have become our breakfast cereals of choice.

I have also found a range of savoury porridge from Quaker. These come in one-portion sachets for 10 rupees, and are delicious. I am thinking of taking some home with me for lunches, or the evenings that I work late.