Tuesday, January 22

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Arcada, 20:50


I spent the morning with the XML Foundations class. They had all diligently done their reading and we spent the morning doing group exercises. This notion of flipping the class seemed to be working. The whole morning felt lively, informed and productive.

I then had to spend most of the afternoon producing the material for the next session. I had divided the class into four groups and each group had produced an example of an xml file that displayed this week’s canteen menu. We then went through the results, and I promised that I would combine them into one best-practice example. I thus had to write out a week’s menu in a way that combined the nest features from the four files. By 17:00 I had had enough of xml to last me a week.

I decided to spend the evening reading rather than writing, because I simply cannot seem to switch from one thing to another in a way that makes writing possible at the end of a day like this. I read some more of the books I bought in Kerala, so even if I didn’t progress with the editing of Part Two, I did get ahead with assembling the key material for Part Three.

Now I am wondering along the corridor to wash my plate and cup. There are students filming downstairs, blocking the hall and gym. It is Production Week, and productions are indeed happening.

Any second now I will go home.