Monday, January 28

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Hameentie, 16:00


I spent most of the morning preparing the XML Foundations session for tomorrow. I am about to hold the first of two sessions on XML Schema and I want to be prepared. The students are supposed to be reading themselves and doing group exercises in class, but if there is going to be a point at which this arrangement breaks down then this will be it. I therefore spent the morning devising exercises that will keep the students working in groups while providing them with the information that, some of them at least, will have failed to grasp on their own.

At 12:30 I had a meeting with Mats in the coffee lounge to talk about the Media Masters module I am organising, and also about Positive Psychology, which it turns out we are both interested in. He showed me a paper about the organisation of a research project that he and Tuulikki are organising, and invited me to submit ideas for a sub-project. I suggested that I might do this with Riita, and he suggested that perhaps the three of us should do it together.

Now I am looking out of the window where the sky has gone very grey and snow is beginning to fall.

In an hour or so I will go home and spend a long time clearing the paths. Thirty minutes after I have finished it will start snowing again, and carry on until after I have gone to bed.