Jim Hall’s Isle of Tune

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POSTED: December 21, 2010

Jim Hall is a UK web developer, who has a very interesting web site.

His home page is a complex version of the old eyes-that-follow-the-cursor routine. This time the eyes belong to a giant cat that moves its head a little in a tree filled park where leaves are falling.

And it has camera flare as you move the cursor backwards and forwards.

It's on the web! It's eye-catching! It involves Flash

The actual content is also interesting, especially the showreel.

Watch and wonder!

Isle of Tune

What first sent me to his site was a post in Hamlet Au’s New World Notes blog which described Jim Hall’s personal project Isle of Tune.

This is a wonderful, creative waste of time, that he is planning to port to the iPhone and iPad.

The point is to build a small town from houses, trees and so on, and then assign a musical sound to each object in town. Then link them with a network of roads. Finally, when you drop some cars on the roads they move around automatically, playing the sounds as they pass, thus creating a shifting musical landscape.

Look, mum: there’s Brian Eno driving the green car!