Thursday, January 31

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Hameentie / Junatie, 9:40


This morning it was five degrees above zero. The snow outside was thawing and the result was slush. I was glad I had cleared our paths because if the slush freezes again in a day or two it will be hell to walk on.

Lasse phoned me while Auo and I were waiting for the bus. He has decided that the second WordPress evening class will be held as an open university course, which will reduce the cost for each student from 600€ to 30€. I was happy. Not only will this increase the chance of students enrolling (two enrolled at 600€), but it will greatly decrease the pressure on me. I had always been concerned that twelve students each paying 600€ would create a room dangerously full of compressed expectation. Under the new scheme they would, in effect, pay 10€ for the teaching and 20€ for guided personal study and project work. That should make for a much more relaxed atmosphere.

At Sörnäinen a very old tram rolled up to the stop on its way to the tram hall in Forsby. The number 8 was one minute behind. I was the only person who got on the old tram. Now I am having an adventure in time travel and since there do not seem to be a lot of adventurers this tram is almost empty and the number 8 is completely full.

At Arcada, Tomy and Jutta will be back from Köln where, as I had suspected, they did too much in too little time for no real gain. They had meetings in the morning, did twenty minutes of sightseeing, caught a plane back, and Jutta got to bed about 2:30. No thanks.

At 13:00 I will meet Stefan at Zucchini to talk about the empirical section of my thesis. We will have an intense and fruitful discussion, and I will leave feeling happy and energised.

Back at Arcada I will join a queue of people failing to see Tommy, and settle down to begin the next stage of developing this site. This will have a renewed sense of urgency since it now appears likely I will actually be conducting a WordPress course in a couple of months.