Friday, February 1

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A306, Arcada, 15:50


This morning Naa, Auo and I woke up to find an unusual coating of snow on the ground that looked like white volcanic ash. Sunshine insisted on going out in it and then didn’t come back. I left Irma a note and we left.

Jutta had messaged yesterday evening to say that we needed to have the entrance exam pre-test published online today accompanied by the cryptic “args maybe?”. On the metro and tram to work I wrote the test, guessing what she meant. When I got to work I added the details of four TED talks that formed the raw material for the test and skyped it to Jutta when she woke up. It turned out to be exactly what she had had in mind, so our powers of telepathy haven’t decreased.

Tommy showed me where the form was for asking for a budget to fly to Dublin, and I filled it in. Then I spent the next six hours with the Real Time Web group. This week we didn’t look at code at all. Instead I borrowed some tricks from the seminar on Tuesday and we spent most of the day trying to work out what we could make a social game about.

By the end I, at least, felt we were well on our way.

Towards the end, when I was talking about discipline, someone asked “do you really find something to photograph everyday?”. Now I am back in my office and my laptop is plugged on on the desk. I turn around and see the Boost jar from Kerala on my shelf, next to the still-unopened Horlicks Gold. Problem solved.

In fiftenn minutes I will go home and start the weekend.