Sunday, February 3

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the garden, 12:00


It was a clear Spring morning. Everyone was up late and jolly, and the day began with the Sunday bedmaking ritual in which we distribute the new sheets and pillow covers. After this Auo began earnestly measuring her room and furniture for a plan that will no doubt be revealed later.

Now I am in the garden. I have been putting some organic rubbish into the compost box while Irma makes breakfast, and now I am at the front checking the mailbox. We have no mail of course.

At 12:45 Irma and Auo will leave to see her parents, while Naa and I do some tidying and I wash my hair. Naa will get dragged into some quarrel between various friends that, in a thoroughly modern manner, unfurls across a range of emails, messages and status updates on various social network sites.

At 16:00 Susanna and Arto will arrive for coffee and cake, and chat for two or three hours. She is going to graduate from Arcada later this month and have her baby a few weeks later. While they are here I will help Auo to practise for her maths test tomorrow, which involves fractions and percentages and converting one to another. I will make her a dummy test. She will complete it correctly inabout the same time as I took to write it.

In the evening there will be complications and communication problems between Naa and the young man from Kerala with whom she is in daily online contact. Auo will join in by complaining loudly again about her phone, which is the worst in the class; and about how Niilia has two phones, each better than hers and each with a separate account so that she can use them simultaneously.

Eventually it will be bed time.