Monday, February 4

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Itäväylä, 17:20


Naa left first, grumpily, and Auo and I went to catch the 8:23 bus. I bought some apples on the way and was at my desk before 9:00. Jutta was already there.

Since it now seems certain that the evening class on Wordpress will run in a couple of months I spent the morning giving this site some long-promised upgrades. I was surprised. I had not looked at the code for months and yet it all just worked. I congratulated myself on the previous work. The php has worked: it has been generalised enough that I can just set up a new category, apply the functions without looking at them and they work.

I spent the afternoon in a team meeting, now expanded to include Thomas, Kia and Liisa who have been transferred from Novia. Tuulikki asked about my research with a view to including it in a funding application and I told her about my forthcoming meeting with Riita. Maybe, I thought, the wagons will finally leave the depot.

After the meeting I raced back to my desk to finish the work on the site. I had decided during the meeting on a way to separate the Tweets archive from the rest of the Notes section. I completed it in forty five minutes and left for home. During that time I also learned that I had received official permission to book my trip to Dublin in April.

Now I am in the eerie dusk light, made eerier by my camera’s inability to cope with it. I will arrive home to see Naa and Irma happy and Auo eager to show me the 10+ she got for her project about ancient Egypt. Soon Irma will take Naa to the theatre and Auo will practice her cello. I will vacuum clean.

We will spend part of the evening watching a very interesting documentary about Anonymous, before Irma goes to collect Naa from the metro station and we all go to bed.