Wednesday, February 6

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Kauppakartononkatu, 17:10


Naa started late this morning so Auo and I got up at 6:45, had breakfast and left. It had obviously been snowing hard most of the night: we were walking ankle-deep in it.

I spent most of the day working on this site. I was making efforts to document the projects in the Projects section and therefore, by necessity, I combined this with trawling through my old folders to see what I could find. I found a lot of material that will provide documentary evidence for my thesis.

In the afternoon I looked at the Wayback Machine and, while looking for any remains of the EarthG project, found the first online evidence of Marinetta: a website that I thought had vanished years ago.

Now I am on my way home on the 97V. It started snowing two or three hours ago, and it is still going strong. It will stop two or three minutes before I get off the bus.

At home I will spend over two hours clearing the paths while Auo and Irma are at Auo’s cello lesson. I will say hello to most of the neighbours, who are also trudging up and down to the woods with their snowblades. Minna will break the monotony by passing by very slowly on her new skiis. She will pause to explain that this is the first time she has used skis for twenty years.

I will count my steps and realise that I walk 100 metres from the house to the woods and back. I will count my journeys which I will estimate at between 70 and 80. I will decide that I will have walked nearly 8km by the time I finish.

I will finally be finishing the paths when the cellist and her manager return. A couple of hours later my arms and legs will feel as though I have spent two hours in the gym.

I will conclude that I really did walk 8km.