Saturday, February 18

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Talinn Square, 15:00

Yesterday had a surprise ending. Naa was due to go from school to spend a few days with her friend Roosa. When I arrived home, though, they were both there asking if they could spend a day or two with me before going to Roosa’s house. Something to do with little sisters and parties, I think. We spent the evening watching the second series of Doctor Who on dvd. Roosa had never seen it before and absolutely loved it.

When I woke up and looked out of the window it had finally stopped snowing. The snow was about 60cm high around the front door. I therefore spent most of this morning clearing the yard and paths till you could see the ground again.

Now I have driven to Itäkeskus to do some chores. Partly this is because Irma has asked me to drive the car every couple of days so that it doesn’t get so cold it refuses to start when she comes back, and partly it is because the chores need doing.

There is a huge bird in Tallin Square that just stands there as I walk past. I am on my way to the Post Office because a parcel has arrived for me. I discover that the Post Office doesn’t open on Saturdays. Instead I am going to charge Naa’s bus card. I will discover that it doesn’t run out till next month, but I will recharge it anyway in order not to completely waste my time.

Later it will start snowing very hard and I will watch my paths disappearing at speed while we spend the evening watching more Doctor Who.