Thursday, February 7

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the garden, 19:00


I usually go late with Auo on Thursdays but this morning her school did not start till 11:00, so that was too late. Instead I woke Naa at 7:00 and we left together. I flagged a long distance bus down by accident and we both hid when the bus stopped. Ah, the joys of youth!

I spent most of the morning digging into my archives and bringing up material that was useful for my doctoral thesis and/or useful for this site. I paused to write the questions for the new book examination which seems to mostly revolve around the works of Cory Doctorow.

In the afternoon I had a tutorial with Tony and Maija who are well ahead in planning their final production and thesis. An hour later I had a similar tutorial with Kim Hellborn. The differences arethat he is working on his own, and mainly from his apartment in Chelsea. He left the tutorial with an impeccable research question, a structure for the thesis, and a timetable.

Naa phoned to say that her computer was infected with the ransom virus. The screen was locked and displaying a notice demanding 100€ as a penalty for downloading porn and/or illegal music. I convinced her that it was not genuine and then dug out the software I needed to remove it: malwarebytes, fact fans.

Now I am at home looking out of the back window at the snow. Auo and I are trying to see who can take the more interesting picture, which means she is exploring every available setting and will undoubtedly end up with a better photo than this.

The malware has been removed and I am about to begin ironing the sheets and pillow cases that were washed on Sunday. Later I will have a shower and fail to persuade anyone else to come to see Buffy Sainte-Marie with me in July.