Saturday, February 9

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Home, 15:15


This morning Auo had her Sports Day and I set my alarm accordingly. For the third time since I got it, the alarm failed to trigger and I slept on. As did Auo. Irma woke up in time to take her by car, which cheered her up.

As soon as Irma got back home she got a phone call. The Parents Association hadn’t got its cash float for whatever it was selling at the Sports Day, so off she went again.

It had been snowing all night and it now looked as though the snow was melting, which meant that what was still falling counted as slush rather than proper snow. I changed my mind several times and then went outside to clear the paths again. This took almost two hours, and I was just finishing when the sportsters came back. The slush was very heavy and so I had had a good workout.

Now I have had a shower and I am looking out the window. It is still snowing/slushing but not very much. Naa has gone out with her friends. Soon we will go to Prisma. For some reason we will both find the shopping intensely amusing.

Later we will sit and chat and chop onions and cook. I will begin to map out the first Choose Your Own Adventure book, using Popplet. I tried this once several years ago with pencil and paper and it proved impossible. It is one task that actually needs to be done onscreen, where you can drag and drop the elements when they need to be moved to make room for more.