Monday, February 11

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Outside Arcada, 8:55


The sky was uniformly grey this morning as Auo and I plodded to the bus stop. Now I am outside Arcada and I notice that the world looks like a greyscale image with tiny flecks of colour here and there.

When I get to work I will notice a huge hole in the office wall. The two rooms have been combined during the weekend, and Maria and I will eander in and out of each other’s rooms, just because we can.

I will spend the morning in a blur of activity, getting through eight items on my task list, writing a short paper for Real Time Web, planning this Friday’s session, and chatting with Jutta.

At 13:00 I will meet Riita to see if we can find a project hidden within the various conversations we have had. Mats and Tuulikki both think there is one hiding there, and I do too. Riita, though, has a lot of balls in the air, and needs a few weeks to see how her doctoral applications turn out before committing herself. I will spend the time checking with Mats when and how we will receive buckets of money.

I will then move onto preparing tomorrow’s sessions before racing home to clear the heavy slush before it freezes.

Irma will book tickets for next Christmas, on the opening day of booking, and Auo and I will look at her phone again. She swears it is laggy and crashes all the time. I have sat through several demoes in the last week in which the phone behaves impeccably.

Tonight will be no exception.