Thursday, February 14

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Kinoplatsi 1, 17:30


I got up at 5:00 to leave a Valentine’s Day gift at Irma’s place on the breakfast table – the cd Vain Elämää Jatku – and then went back to bed. When I got up Irma had left a box of chocolates by my place.

I spent the morning talking to the Proseminarium group about the way in which Marinetta led into my doctoral research. I used the Pecha Kucha trilogy, and this time the script worked much better. I left thinking that I need to practice that a few more times. I could make it a travelling show if I had anywhere to travel with it.

I had lunch in the restaurant for the second time this year: salmon, potatoes, egg sauce and grilled beetroot.

In the afternoon I did some preparatory work and answered emails. I also had a long tutorial with Tony and Maija, which followed on from the morning lecture, which they both attended. We worked out how the final project would be divided, and what approach each would adopt to their research question.

Now I am at the cinema in Kaisaniemi. Irma has got three free tickets for a special preview of Beautiful Creatures, and She and I are there with Auo. The film opens in Helsinki in two weeks time, and the place is full of teenage girls, and us.

The movie is a teenage supernatural drama, in the current mode. It will be much better than I expect though, since it is set in the deep south and makes use of the conventions of southern gothic. It is also the only teen-drama I have ever seen that places the poems of Charles Bukowski at the heart of the story.

By the time we leave the preview will certainly have done its job. Auo will declare that the film is amazing, and she will race off tomorrow to persuade all her friends to see it.