Monday, February 18

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Vartiokylä, 8:05


Today is the first day of Ski Holiday Week, Irma has taken the day off, and I am the only one up in the morning. Aup gets up briefly to say goodbye as I leave.

Now I am on my way to the bus, and it is strangely quiet. Nobody is talking about ANdroid and phones and the possibility of getting a new one.

I will spend the morning finalising the details for the Digital Mediascapes module of the MA programme, which begins in three weeks time. After a couple of hours I will get the course notes worked out and uploaded, and send an initial email to all the registered students. I will also confirm all the lecturers. What I will still need was a closing event, but I may be able to deal with that this Friday at Real Time Web.

At lunchtime I will spend an hour or more skyping with Deirdre, from ITT in Dublin, who is coming to Helsinki the same week as the Digital Mediascapes module. I will miss the team meeting but (more usefully) manage to organise Deirdre’s visit and book her the rooms and student groups she needs. Robert will agree that she can have his third year students for the Wednesday afternoon lecture.

Finally I will write a draft outline of the social game we have been working on in Real Time Web. The whole thing occurredto me at some point on Friday evening when I was thinking through the day’s session. Once I have written it out I will read it back and realise that it might just work.

I will look out of the window; notice it is still snowing; realise that I picked the wrong day to wear Spring shoes; and leave.