Monday, February 25

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Itäväylä, 17:00


Naa had to leave early and I accidentally woke Auo at the same time, in my tiredness and/or excitement. Eventually everyone got up and left in the right order at the right time.

I spent the morning dealing with various kinds of bad news and inconveniences. By midday I had decided that all of them were good for me. Reidar, for example, had phoned to say that his aunt had died and he funeral was going to be in ten days time, just when he was going to lead a workshop for the MA module. He said that he would honour his promise to lead the workshop but I decided that I could not hold him to this, and thus accepted the responsibility for finding something else to occupy the students for six hours on Saturday.

I decided to assume that this was fine, and an interesting challenge. And so it will be…

In the afternoon it was Jutta’s turn to make a presentation to the FUI meeting. Not a lot of people turned up, but present she did. She showed a number of nonlinear web-based narratives, such as, and suggested that these posed challenges for our film and television teaching. I think it was supposed to be provocative, but those that were there simply nodded and said variations of “oh yes, it does indeed”, and the meeting went on until it stopped.

Now I am on my way home, and the light is suddenly beginning to fade. The sun is dropping and by the time I have walked four hundred metres home it will be almost dark. The cat will recognise that Spring is here and spend almost two hours outside, for the first time in four months.