Wednesday, February 27

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The Garden, 18:00


Today was a mess from start to finish. I had far too many things to do simultaneously and ended up feeling as though I had not done any of them properly. Or, in some cases, at all.

This feeling was compounded by the fact I had intended to spend the day finalising a new draft of part of my thesis, and that was one of the things that didn’t really happen at all. I found some stuff to read (that I genuinely needed to reread because I needed some detailed references to add some academic-style meat to an important section of the argument) and read through it distractedly while thinking about whether I could realistically run a one-day workshop next weekend using camswitch.

The answer: maybe.

On the way home I accepted that I had achieved more than I was letting myself imagine – just not what I wanted to achieve.

Now I am at home; the cat is out in the decidedly Spring air; and Auo has just pointed out that dusk has arrived and the sky is going red. Soon she will be disappearing for cello lessons, I will be doing the ironing, and within thirty minutes night will have fallen and the sky will be completely dark.