Monday, March 4

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Hameentie, 14:30


This morning we walked out of the house down the pristine path that looked as though it had never seen snow.

I had a day in which I raced between an all-day seminar at TAIK and various activities that needed to be done right now at Arcada. I caught several interesting talks, including Stefan’s, in between attempts to book rooms, and coordinate schedules. Deirdre arrives on Wednesday and, of course, many things are happening to thwart our plans for her.

Now I am walking back to the tram for the last time. There is an interesting icicle that I noticed this morning. It is still there on TAIK’s wall.

In an hour I will be in the centre at the new university library, where I will have my first life-coaching session. We will explore the uses of the ROSA methodology which, if I remember correctly, is an acronym for reality, observation, strategies, actions.

By the time I get the metro home at 17:20 it will have started to snow heavily, and it will continue until bedtime.