Wednesday, February 22

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Sörnainen, 8:20

Last night, when I opened the door to let Moonshine in, Sunshine (who had been happily eating) suddenly raced from the kitchen through the door into the garden. I grabbed my shoes and ran after it. It has been sitting on the table watching whenever Moonshine and I are out. It has obviously learned from this, since Moonshine regularly races out and under the car. However, since it was the first time it had been out since it arrived I didn’t want to leave it out to see if it ever found its way back through the snow, and so I coaxed it out. Eventually it did what Moonshine does. It jumped on the bonnet of the car, from where I carried it into the house.

This morning, when I let Moonshine out, the other cat stopped eating and ran behind Moonshine and then trotted to the front door like as though they both always did this. This time I was not caught by surprise.

I got an early bus and Sörnainen was surprisingly empty. The streets are mostly cleared of snow, the pavements are partly cleared, and the big piles are just hanging around waiting collection.

At 9:15 I will start the first of three sessions with the concept and format development course, taking over from Thomas. In the afternoon I will have a meeting with Kaj, to plan an e-book project. When I get home Naa will be there smiling away.