Tuesday, March 5

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Kulosaari ala-aste, 18:05


This morning we concluded the XML part of XML Foundations. We looked at the final example of relationships using xslt, and I set a final exercise. If everyone has completed this by next week we will begin looking at creating ebooks. In the more likely event that a few people have completed the exercise, several more have almost completed it, and the rest have started (or almost started) it, I will spend the first half of the session walking everyone through my solution, and the second half introducing the idea of creating ebooks using the epub standard.

In the afternoon Year 1 reported on their progress in turning the concept they developed for television into a concept for an online event. We had almost two hours of discussion before they departed to continue thinking, and to develop their final pitch presentations for next week.

I got home before 17:00, and hastily cleared the paths again from the snow that had fallen overnight. As soon as I had finished, I joined Irma and Auo on the drive to Stoa, where Auo and Naa will do their photography class.

Now we are at Auo’s school where we are about to participate in a class meeting. We will discuss the class trip, which will take place in one year’s time, and the fundraising we still need to do to make it possible.