Thursday, March 14

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Approaching Tegel airport, 17:40


This was Auo’s late morning. Irma got up, still not well, got up and went to work. We left thirty minutes later.

I met Stefan at TAIK and we talked of many things including my research. We arranged another meeting for April before I dashed to Arcada to deal with the Digital Mediascapes students who missed Saturday and so are not so far in a group for the project. I wrote up some instructions and told them they are a group.

I did some backing up and wrote the first draft of the programme for the pre-conference Camp Pixelache day at Arcada. I also booked the large auditorium for the Camp Pixelache key note speech.

At 13:40 I left for home. Irma collected Auo from school and met me at Sillitie. At 14:30 we waved goodbye to Auo and drove to the airport where we met Leena and Verna who had just arrived back from China with Shen, Verna’s new brother.

Now we are approaching Tegel airport. From here we will take the X9 bus to the Zoological Gardens and the S-Bahn to Savignyplatz, where we will be fifty metres from our hotel.

We will eat at La Piazza, and finish the evening in the lobby bar of the hotel, with beer and nuts.