Saturday, March 16

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Room 36, Sir F K Savigny Hotel, 10:45


We work up late and jolly and spent a long time getting up. The view from the hotel window reminds me of New York for some reason. Trains go past on overhead lines every ten minutes or so, some of them coloured with fluorescent graffiti.

Once we are clean we will go walking again. We have talked with Auo, who is ill with the fever that Naa and Irma have both had, and she has opted for the Sony Xperia S, which just comes in at the top end of the budget that she was given. Having said that, it is approximately 200€ less than the price in Helsinki.

We will head off to Saturn but we will of course been delayed by other temptations of the shopping sort. When we finally get there we will discover that the price is fifty euros more than the price on the web site. I will ask about this and be told that there are only two Xperia in stock, the display models, and if I want one or both of them I can have them at the cheaper price. I decide to get both: one for Auo and one for me.

After this we will recover in the Irish pub before walking back via some general stores. We will stop at another Vietnamese restaurant for two beers before going back to the hotel.

We will go to eat in Pho Nguyen again and have a meal that was even better than last night. Afterwards we will walk to the supermarket to buy chocolates, wine and sausages. Mild mayhem will ensue.