Tuesday, March 19

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Auo's room, 15:00


Auo was still ill this morning. I felt worse not better, and Naa had been vomiting all night. Irma was the only one who left the house.

I have spent most of the day in Auo’s bed. I have got up a few times to do various things and gone back each time. The only thing I have done of any real value is to show Auo how to upgrade Android on her new Xperia phone from 2.3 to 4.0.

I am awake again, and I realise that if I have learned one thing from this flu it is what Harry Styles looks like. His poster is at the foot of Auo’s bed, and even though I could not even name one song by One Direction I could now recognise him at fifty metres.

In a minute I will take my temperature and learn that it is 38.6. I will have a shower which will do me no particular good medically, but will certainly make me feel better. I will be asleep when Irma arrives home, and remain so for most of the evening.