Thursday, March 21

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Töölö Hospital, 18:45


This morning Irma left first and Auo and I left later. Naa stayed at home again.

My head was still filled with cottonwool but I was determined not to miss the session. I had a flu-ridden feeling that if the session was cancelled or postponed the project would crawl into a corner and die.

People came and went and we worked out the shape of the social media game in a kind of relay race. It changed from a 28 day role-playing game to a 48 hour race, and the framework we had devised fell off. It will no longer be called defendumb, because that name no longer applies.

By the end we had a framework that should be possible, an idea of how to describe the game and what its purpose is, but no title and no graphics. One step back, and three steps forward then.

Now Auo, Irma and I are in the hospital where Auo was born, looking at Susanna and Arto’s new baby girl, who was born yesterday evening at 20:09. Susanna seems happy and content and the baby looks fine.

Later we will watch episode three of The Following, having discovered that it has been pushed back from 21:00 to 22:00, due no doubt to its relenting violence and disturbing undertones. For many reasons it reminds me of Millennium, which was also pushed back later in the evening in England in the nineties, when viewers realised what they were watching.