Tuesday, March 26

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Arabiankeskus, 18:00


This morning I was in early and busy preparing for the epub class. We spent the morning and early afternoon doing that. During this period I also had a message from my life coach asking about our arrangements for today. I remembered that I had already completed my tasks yesterday quite satisfactorily.

In the afternoon I talked and wrote until 16:00 when I went to TAIK to listen to another doctoral thesis in which someone presents their doctoral research. Today I was irritated enough to speak. Or interested enough to speak, depending on the way you want to paint it. I listened to somebody telling me that they had travelled the byways of South America experiencing the kind of degradation that I, in my sheltered life, had not experienced and – even worse – spent my waking hours trying to deny even existed.

Eek, I thought.

Now I am walking back and have decided to pop into the supermarket for some orange juice. The snow is clearing rapidly and the sky is blue. In other parts of the world people are still oppressed, and my expectation of this oppression being alleviated through “arts research” is apparently less than some other people’s.

In the evening I will do some research of my own which will wander away from epedagogy and into the entire recorded output of Dwight Yoakam.