Wednesday, March 27

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Itäkeskus, 17:05


I spent the morning with a somewhat depleted class looking at social media. When it finished they all told me they could not make next week’s class because they had a day of feedback on their film projects. When I checked I realised that the error was either mechanical or mine.

I opted for mechanical.

Some how the booking system had not attached the groups to the room bookings for the course with the result that Janne had booked them for next week. Fortunately the rest of their Wednesdays were still free. I added them back into the bookings manually, and realised that I now have to mail them all to explain the situation.

Now I am on my way home. Spring is here and the snow is diminishing visibly. The late afternoon sun is blinding.

When I get home I will do some ironing while Irma takes Auo to learn the cello. She is getting noticeably better, and recently sounds as though she is playing tunes.