Thursday, March 28

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Itäväylä, 8:12


Naa got up first, and before Auo and I had left the plumber arrived. Irma had called him because there has been a leak from her toilet sink. By the time we left for the bus the leak was no more.

We are waiting. Auo is talking about the fact that Spring has reached the point where there can be no turning back. The snow is melting at a visible rate. Every day there is less than the day before. We can see the pavement all the way from the house to the bus.

I will spend the main part of the day in an extended session with the group making the social media game, which is now officially called 1248. By 15:00 we will have it all mapped out in terms of tasks and timetables, and teams agreed for each task.

After this I will copy some Dwight Yoakam cds that I bought in Berlin onto my iPad, and then leave for home. Tomorrow is Good Friday and we have to get our shopping in early.

The long weekend starts here.