Tuesday, April 2

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Sörnäinen, 17:10


There was fractiousness a plenty this morning. Auo and Naa had had some kind of quiet row about who was taking too long in the washroom. Just as we got to the bus stop the bus appeared. Naa raced ahead and I followed, which left Auo not talking to me either, even though all three of us got the bus.

I spent the morning with the XML class going through the rules of epub construction again. It is not difficult. It is just tiresome and unsuitable for people with very low frustration thresholds.

I spent the afternoon planning tomorrow’s evening class, while also writing a series of emails and instructions to various other groups about various other projects.

Now I am at Sörnäinen to meet Camie. We are going to discuss what she needs to do at her session in two weeks time for the Digital Mediascapes MA course. It will turn out that she has a series of stories, anecdotes and analyses large enough to fill several sessions, and all interesting.

By 19:00 I will be back at Arcada in time for two hours doctoral research.