Wednesday, April 3

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A306, Arcada, 20:50


The morning fractiousness rumbled on. This morning Naa was not talking to Auo and I. Why? I have no idea. Certainly it was nothing that I said or did because I said and did nothing.

Auo showed me her progress with Subway Surfers, which she has had on her new phone for a week or so. My high score on the iPad stands at about 7000. Her current high score is 120,000. I sat next to her watching her play, and by the time she got off the metro to go to school I was interested again. I spent the rest of the metro ride improved my high score to just under 9,500.

The day was been spent preparing the Dynamic Websites evening class, as well as talking with Jutta about theses and courses.

The evening was spent leading the first two sessions of the evening class. There were twenty six students and everything went as smoothly as could be expected. There were no major calamities, and nobody fell hopelessly behind. By the end of the second session I had a very good feeling about the group and the way the course was going.

Now I am in the staff room getting ready to leave. Claus has arranged today’s Coke bottles in a tableau and I am struck by it as I enter the room, my head still full of Wordpress.

In forty minutes I will be home and under a warm shower. In fifty minutes I will be in bed asleep.