Thursday, April 4

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Outside Arcada, 12:30


This morning Naa left early and Auo and I left later.

I have spent the morning with one of Affe’s groups, leading the first part of a five hour session on using social media to market movies. I have spent the time so far explaining about social media, and how the consequences of engagement include losing control of the conversation, and how this can be used strategically be devising campaigns that you never intend to control.

Now I am outside clearing my head for ten minutes. In a moment I will go back in and have a lunch of beef steaks and mashed potato.

In the afternoon the group will get a briefing on the 1248 project and be asked to go off and consider it from the perspective of marketing. I will get some very interesting responses, including some challenges to the whole concept as I explained it. I will spend the last thirty minutes of the session taking copious notes under the impression that I am learning more than them.

At 17:00 I will start session three of the Dynamic Websites course and by 20:30 we will have completed session four. I will get home in time to join Irma watching The Following at 22:00.