Sunday, April 7

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Tallinnanaukio, 16:30


This morning it was warm and I felt that it was the right time to start my annual athletics. Since I won’t be here most of the next week I decided against a full jog, and instead opted for a very fast walk. I felt better for it.

After brunch Irma and I went to Stockmann to buy Auo a bicycle. She has grown out of her old one and the one Irma got last week is still on sale. I was in favour of this since standardising the bike parts, and tyres, can only make my life easier.

While we were there we passed a Thai restaurant that Irma has eaten at with Leena, and she was tempted to dash in for lunch. Instead I cycled the new bike home, while Irma drove home and told the girls to get ready. When I arrived we all drove back and went for a Thai buffet lunch.

The restaurant has sushi and Thai food, and the girls both love sushi, so everyone was happy for an hour or so. Now we are full and jolly and leaving.

When we get back Sunshine will go out, catch a mouse for the first time this year, and sit in the yard eating it. Auo will cycle around on her new bike. Irma will lie down.

At 19:00 it will start snowing and continue snowing until after everyone is in bed. The snow will start to settle and by the time we are brushing our teeth it will be about 5cm deep outside the back door.

So much for Spring.