Monday, April 15

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Arcada, 8:50


Auo, Naa and I got the bus together and now I am outside Arcada. Most of the winter snow has gone from around the tree.

I will spend the morning catching up: filling in forms for my invoices, making reports, writing up details of the trip, organising theses, phoning and mailing, and meeting the new South AFrican students.

I will intend to skip lunch to celebrate the lack of fried food available, and despite sitting in a team meeting where others are eating vegetable and wheat risotto with organic tofu, I will manage it..

In the afternoon I will attend the team meeting and report back on Dublin; and then begin to prepare for this week’s Digital Mediascape module, having finished preparing for Joakim’s thesis presentation next week.

In the evening Irma and I will make a late weekend shopping trip to Prisma.