Wednesday, April 17

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The staff room, 15:15


This morning it was pouring with rain. Auo pointed out that this will melt the snow very quickly, and she may well be right.

I spent the morning leading a group viewing of the McLuhan tetrads that the first year made for the Web Analysis & Social Media course. They built towards an interesting consensus and seeing forty of them in rapid succession made clear how McLuhan’s approach can be used as a crowd-sourced research tool.

During and after this I sent a flurry of mails about next week’s graduations and this week and next week’s evening classes.

At 13:15 I went to see Heffe’s retirement lecture which was as interesting and amusing as one would expect: which is to say “very”. Then we went upstairs where Pirjo gave a more modest talk to celebrate her own retirement.

Now we are having cake.

I will go downstairs to meet Kim, and answer some timetabling questions for next week. This will involve instant Skype chats with Jutta, which will in turn validate our joint belief that for most purposes Skype works better than meetings.

Then I will leave for home, where the Young Cellist and her mother will race off for her weekly lesson.