Saturday, February 25

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Turunlinnantie, 14:00

I got up at 8am, after waking in the night to write something down and look something up. I had breakfast, vacuum cleaned, and spent an hour clearing the snow on the grounds that ice you can see is better than ice you can’t. Then I watched a dvd that came with a Nick Lowe cd I had borrowed from the library. The dvd was a selection of old videos plus a concert from 2008. I realised that I had forgotten just how good Nick Lowe is.

Now I am walking across the bridge from the library to the shopping mall at Itäkeskus. I decided to get the bus here because I wanted to get out of the house and walk around for a while. I am on my way to buy cat food (lots of), as well as a few bits and pieces for the Mexican food that Naa wants, for the second weekend in a row.

Later I will cook the meat, warm the burritos and we will feast. Then I will read a bit, alternating between rereading Susan Blackmore and rereading Richard Stark. Finally I will listen to some more Nick Lowe tunes; write 1000 words; and go to bed.