Saturday, April 20

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BRiiM Center, Koskelontie 20, Espoo, 13:00


This morning I leapt out of bed, ate some Cheerios and raced to the bus stop. By 9:30 I had purchased some lunch from the K-Market in Asematunneli and was waiting at a bus stop in Elielinaukio. By 9:40 Reidar and all the students were there and we were off the the latest incarnation of the BRiiM Center, in the deep dark woods at the far end of Espoo.

This was the final day of the Digital Mediascape module for the Media Management MA, and we were finishing off with an outing. In the morning the students presented their pecha kucha pitches for their social media game. Some of these were excellent ideas well presented.

Now we have had lunch and are just about to begin a brain training session with Reidar. WE are beginning by being challenged to make ourselves on of these chairs. They are called Flux and they are a Dutch design, and they fold flat for carrying. They can be put together in several ways, but only one way will safely bear the weight of an adult. Our first task is to find a way of sitting without having the chair collapse under us.

They are very light and very comfortable.

The afternoon will pass too quickly, and everyone will leave for Helsinki energised and jolly. AT least if anyone does not feel energised and jolly they will take care to keep this to themselves.

In the evening we will have oven fish, and prepare the house for Naa’s christening party tomorrow. Then we will watch Richard Gere in Unfaithful, a film that has a very nicely ambiguous ending in which nothing is resolved and the audience is left to work out how the story ends.

Of course we will end by finding a soap opera so bad that it defies description, and attempt to watch it without understanding it, or understanding if there is anything to understand.