Saturday, April 27

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Vallila, 9:40


I left home at 8:50, and discovered that buses were not very frequent early Saturday morning. I eventually got to Itäkeskus and made my way to Sörnainen where I waited eleven minutes for a tram. The driver has just announced that he is stopping at Vallila and so we have all got off.

I am looking at the pub that used to be Vallila Pizza when we lived here. I am curious as to whether it is run by the same people, or whether the new English-style facade means that it has totally new owners. Now is not the time to find out.

I will arrive just in time, and find that this morning’s class – the final in the series – has seven members, all of whom have complex and time-consuming questions.

I will demonstrate Xampp, show how to move a Wordpress site from one server to another, by actually doing it, look again at expanded registration options using plugins, and explore QTranslate as a method of making a multilingual WP installation.

The last student will finally agree to leave at 14:25. I wil sit down and write this, and then race home. This will complete the fifth Saturday in a row that I have been working.

The weekend will finally start!