Wednesday, May 1

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The Woods, 11:00


Yesterday evening, after we arrived back from Bello and Maija’s party we had some sparkling wine to celebrate Vappu. WE avoided getting drunk however, and so we leapt out of bed bright and breezy to find the day was bright sunshine.

I have wandered into the woods to see how much snow is left. This amount, apparently. There is one big pile which the bulldozers pushed into a corner, and several piles of this size.

After brunch I will decide to wash the windows. This is a task that needs doing and it may as well be done now before we start going to Pellinki and find we have no time.

Window-washing will take five hours, and at the end of it Irma will start the barbecue. Today the weather will be warm enough that everyone sits outside eating their sausages. Irma will grill goats cheese as well, and make a fantastic potato salad with asparagus.

Bed time will be early.