Saturday, March 3

YEAR:  2012 | Tags:  | |

Mustikamaa, 9:20

Auo and I have come by public transport to the school winter sports day, carrying a big flask of coffee to sell. Auo’s class is running the official food stand. Soon I will be standing around with Pekka and Amber, grilling sausages. My hands and feet are already frozen nd it will get worse.

This evening Irma and I will taxi to the centre to a bar called Latva where Jyrki is celebrating his fiftieth birthday party. It is the place that used to be Bob’s Bar, when Jokke owned it. Greg, an Englishman with a pink mohican whom Auo and I have seen on the metro come mornings, will turn up to sing anarchist folk songs, with a wide selection from the Levellers song-book.

After an after-party at Jyrki’s shop, we will arrive home in the middle of the night and fall straight asleep.