Wednesday, March 7

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Arabia, 14:40

It was another early morning, and when I got to work there was a lot of conversation to be had, some of it important.

I updated our Its Learning project, and learned some more about Its Learning in the process. I learned a little more about the A2 printer, about which I am keeping as ignorant as I can. My theory: the person who first admits knowing anything at all about the A2 printer will become the de facto engineer and operator, and the amount of people needed his services will increase until his spare time is completely filled.

Jutta and I planned an alternative strategy that involves setting operating hours for the printer, booking the room for those hours, and assigning a student to staff it at those hours as part of a personal learning plan. I have just emailed Katarina to ask for a meeting to put this in place before a new and unwelcome tradition arises of asking Jutta and me about how the printer works.

And, turning round, I can see the vanishing snow out of the window, where a man walks a dog. Soon I will finish making arrangements with Reidar about giving the MA students an aivobic session in his new BRIIM building. I, for one, am already looking forward to it.