Monday, March 12

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Kitchen, 20:20

Sunshine, the new and somewhat lazy cat, has suddenly developed a burning desire to go outside. It went out a couple of times over the weekend and wandered approximately ten metres from the door. This morning it dashed out at the same time as Moonshine, and by the time everyone had left for work only Moonshine had returned.

Moonshine went out again when Irma left but that is not particularly unusual. It comes and goes.

I spent the morning doing planning and administrative work, as well as having a meeting about setting up a new system for the big colour printer. I am keen to have a system before a consensus develops that I am the printer technician for everyone in the building who wants A2 prints.

The afternoon passed in a team meeting, and when I got home Sunshine was still missing. The girls had been out looking for it, and so I did two lengthy walks through the woods and around the neighbouring roads. Nobody found it.

At 20:12, after eight hours out in the snow, it wandered up the path and stood expectantly outside the door. Once it was inside it started eating and it has now been eating for about ten minutes. At least we now know that, wherever it went, it found its way back and, indeed, wanted to come back.

It obviously agrees that it lives here now.