Tuesday, May 21

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Sörnäinen, 10:55


The cat woke me at 4:15 wanting to go out into the dawn. I ignored it and eventually let it out at 6:30 when I got up. Auo woke up on her own, and we had breakfast and left.

I spent a couple of hours reading up on HTML5 before heading back to Herttoniemi to meet Auo for her dental appointment. It was her annual checkup. She was checked up by a school dentist who talked to her at length as though she was four years old. Nothing was wrong with her teetch and after polishing them, and another long, slow talk in a sing-song voice about the benefits of polishing them, we left.

Now I am at Sörnäinen waiting for the tram. I will get back in time to meet Reidar, who will talk to the XML class about a project that he would like them to do, as the final project of their course.

The session will fill the afternoon, as we will go through the requirements of the project in some detail after Reidar has left.

When this is done, various people will drift back into the staff room after the annual Arcada Day. Nobody will look overjoyed by their experience. I always seem to miss this because it is always arranged for a day when I have teaching and, since it happens at the end of the academic year, it is always teaching that I cannot cancel because there is no longer any time to replace it.

Irma will phone me with some bad news about the car. It is apparently disabled for two weeks, because the garage decided to do a job she had told them not to do, and broke a part in doing it.

By the end of the conversation I will be clear that if I spoke proper Finnish I would be able to deal with this, which is certainly true. Tommy will try to persuade me to come to the Arcada Day dinner. I will decline, and finish typing up some doctoral notes, before leaving for home.