Monday, May 27

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Hermmanin Rantatie, 17:55


This morning I had a meeting with Jutta and Tomas, in which we began the process of planning when to meet to begin planning a new joint course for Period 2 of next year. Soon, was our conclusion.

In the afternoon we had a team meeting, which went over the process of finding new students, and began planning next year. Now I am walking along the shore, past all the rebuilding. It looks like a moonscape from many angles.

I am on my way to Suvilahti where we will sit outside on the lawn and have a Pixelache debriefing. I will spend a happy couple of hours there.

Later I will help with some gardening, moving grass and twigs from the garden to the woods. In doing this I will get my first Finnish mosquito bites of the year: four of them.