Tuesday, March 13

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A306, Arcada, 2:20

This morning the first year began to look at making epub books, as the second half of the XML Foundations course. I had set up a whole series of online examples and links, and we went through those, and I explained what they needed to do: download and install Calibre Portable, and find two e-readers for Windows that they were happy with.

Then I tried to sort out some login problems with the Snowcastle Valley server. I sorted out stages one and two but there still seem to be several remaining. Next up: a thesis tutorial with Frida that was hopefully as productive as we both seemed to think it was.

At 18:00 I acted as secretary for Stop Number for on the Pixelache Virtuality Grand Tour, where we looked at a small town in Queensland using Google Maps.

Now I am walking around for ten minutes before making a few changes to the writing I have managed to do over the last week, which is nowehere near the amount I intended. I have walked into the cubicle where Frida and I spent much of the afternoon and since that is where I am that is what I am photographing.